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Hometown: Tampa, Florida Current Label: Jump Start Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Andy Diaz Guitar/Vocals
Grayum Vickers Bass/Vocals
Ben Matras Drums

Safety Bio:

Safety is a Tampa, FL based band of 3 who keep it simple: play punk rock. Though friends since childhood, the band would tell you the current momentum began in 2006 preceding the release of their debut LP, "Curses!", on Copacacetic Records. Recorded at Rock, Paper, Studios, "Curses!" was the bands first release in which they dabbled in their now signature combination of gritty drive and polished ventures into production. Not content to sit idly about, the band began touring relentlessly even while still in high school. Any and every break in schedule resulted in further conquest of the East Coast and Canada, sharing the stage with the likes of Less Than Jake, A Wilhelm Scream, Tiger Army, Guttermouth, and more - to say nothing of Warped Tour and Gainesville's trademark "The Fest."

Deciding it time again to visit the studio, the band joined forces with The Audible Diversion Group during the Summer of 2008 to record their most ambitious record to date. Turning duties of engineering and producing over to Tim McTague of Underoath, and commissioning the mixing services of Beau Burchell of Saosin, not even the band could predict what would come from such an unorthodox combination of style and genre. The result: "A Season of Bad Dreams" - A keep-it-simple attack of a raw and searing 3 piece with undeniable, sing-at-the-top-of-our-lungs choruses to keep you grounded. "'A Season of Bad Dreams' is probably the sound we have been aiming for since we started. We wanted something fast, searing, and catchy but still thematically very dark. We are definitely proud of "Curses!" but it was more of an experiment than a cohesive album, " says bassist/vocalist Grayum Vickers.

So proud, in fact, that the band decided to partner with The Audible Diversion Group and release the new EP online for free to fans. "We really just like the idea of there being no middle man involved in our music. We made "A Season of Bad Dreams" because it was something we love to do. It seems stupid to get in the way of anyone else enjoying that. The way we see it, if someone likes what we do then they can come and visit us at shows. I'd much rather have hundreds of kids singing along and fueling us live than a few extra bucks in my pocket from CD sales," says guitarist/vocalist Andy Diaz.

And with that the band feels they've entered a new era. They plan taking on an even more rigorous touring schedule to support "A Season of Bad Dreams," eager to see where their van will take them.

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