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Sarah Blackwood

Sarah Blackwood
Hometown: Toronto, Canada Current Label: Stomp Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Sarah Blackwood

Sarah Blackwood Bio:

Listening to Way Back Home is like finding Sarah Blackwood's diary…feeling bad about reading it, then getting completely immersed and captivated by the beauty, sincerity and heartfelt urgency that she pours into every word.

Four years in the making, Sarah's debut solo album chronicles the incredibly intense and sometimes heartbreaking events that have effected this young singer-songwriter to date. Song themes tackle deeply personal issues of addiction, faith, depression, love and family, all the while offering up a ray of hope even in the darkest of times.

SARAH BLACKWOOD grew up listening to her fathers rock and roll record collection. When she was twelve years old, her father handed her a guitar, taught her the basics, and from there she has grown as a musician and an artist.

Sarah has gained experience over the past year playing solo shows in Toronto, Canada (where she now lives) and also through touring and writing with legendary psychobilly band THE CREEPSHOW. There are no antics and no special effects when it comes to her music and live show, just raw acoustic rock coming straight from the heart.

Her music is influenced by old country and rock music. A sweet heart with an acoustic guitar singing about love, demons she has faced, and different times in her life that have brought her down, picked her up and made these songs what they are, SARAH BLACKWOOD is set to make her mark.


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