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See Through Dresses

See Through Dresses
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska Current Label: Tiny Engines Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Sara Bertuldo
Mathew Carroll
Alex Kirts
Nate Van Fleet

See Through Dresses Bio:

Sometimes, the second record is harder than the first. With 2013’s self-titled LP established as a local favorite, temptation to just replicate it must be strong, especially after almost two years of touring North America and Europe on such a well-crafted debut; if Omaha-based post punk four-piece See Through Dresses let up now, you could hardly blame them.

Instead, their new EP End of Days, their first release on new label Tiny Engines, pushes the boundaries of their sound in every way. Drummer Nate Van Fleet is as solid as ever, and new bassist Alex Kirts integrated himself without a hitch, but the appeal here lies in the tense songwriting chemistry of guitarists / vocalists Sara Bertuldo and Mathew Carroll. Carroll’s offerings on End of Days are open-hearted bangers that call to mind Yuck or Whirr; Bertuldo’s songs feel designed to catch the listener off-guard, with abrasive chord progressions, sudden tempo changes, and frequently off-the-wall lyrics. The result is a diverse but musically tight blend of punk, shoegaze, and emo influences across six new songs.

The push and pull of two talented musicians will never get old. Listeners can only hope Carroll’s heartfelt enthusiasm will keep clashing with Bertuldo’s melancholy drive for as long as possible.

End of Days is due out in the fall of 2015. It was self-recorded in Omaha, Nebraska by Carroll and Bertuldo, mixed by Ben Brodin (Pile, The Good Life, Simon Joyner) at ARC Studios in Omaha, and mastered by Mike Nolte.


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