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Hometown: Margate, Florida Current Label: A Jam Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Pat Shaker—guitar, vocals, loogies.
Jon Shaker—bass, backing vocals, shameless promotion.
Joe Jit—drums, partial nudity.

Shakers Bio:

Way back in '94 the Stahl brothers (Jon & Pat) decided to start a punk band. They booked their first show before their first practice. A month later, they played their first gig. Coming from the fertile South Florida punk scene, Shakers brand of punk rock could essentially be considered 90's style, blended with old school punk and hardcore. Sometimes poppy, but never spineless and whiny. Through the years, Shakers have endured every hardship a band could encounter and survived. Even though their line up has changed slightly, the founding Stahl brothers helped keep Shakers music solid and the transitions between line up changes smooth. Their current line up featuring Spike (Radiobaghdad, Irish Car Bomb, AAA) and Joe Jit (Mary Tyler Whores, NFG) has been together for seven years, and is the most productive to date, cranking out 2 EP's, 3 full length CDs, and featured on 3 South Florida comps.

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