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Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Tarra Thiessen--vocals/guitar/theremin/pocket piano,
Natalie Kirch--bass/vocals,
Janet LaBelle--drums

Sharkmuffin Bio:

Bringing the three ladies together who call themselves Sharkmuffin was no piece of cake. With 11 years of guitar playing under her belt, Tarra Thiessen (vocals/guitar/theremin/pocket piano) discovered bassist/vocalist Natalie Kirch at the Jersey Shore and joined forces on July 4, 2012 only months before the very beach house in which they met was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. After a run with a few various drummers, Janet LaBelle stepped up to complete the sonically-crushing trifecta.

With a recipe of influences, from The Breeders, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Hole, Ty Segall, The Ventures, to early Black Sabbath, Brooklyn-based Sharkmuffin has evolved their super-heavy, noise-punk-meets-psychedelic power pop. A busy year and a half spent tackling SXSW, a self-titled 7”, their first EP "She-Gods of Champagne Valley" released in April 2013, and most recently, seven showcases at CMJ 2013, Sharkmuffin has cooked up their newest release 1097, providing four quick but intense slaps in the face, as each biting track clocks in at less than two minutes.


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