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Short On Time

Short On Time
Hometown: Liege, Belgium Current Label: Bells On Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Bruno Bidon - Vocals
Stephane Demonty - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Olivier Denooz - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Samuel Volan - Bass
Steven Cormann - Drums

Short On Time Bio:

Based near Liège in Belgium, Short On Time has been active in the music scene for almost 5 years despite many line-up changes. Although it doesn’t seem that much, the band has come a long way since their first shows in 2005 until their actual line up in 2010.

The band started in fall 2004 with Steph (bass, vocals), Steven (drums), Oli (guitar). They immediately started writing and working hard and played their first shows in their hometown and different places in Belgium. Around 2006, Steph took the guitar and his longtime friend, Bruno aka “Burns”, joined the band to play bass. Short On Time continued playing and rehearsing under this 4 people line-up for a while. They played a lot of gigs, festivals and they shared the stage with several famous bands. During this period, they wrote most of the songs of their EP “Whisperings From Outer Space” that was recorded in April 2007. At that time, Burns had to leave the band for job reasons but helped the band recording the vocal parts on the CD.

Short On Time kept rehearsing and playing shows with temporary bassists. Their friend Phil joined the family as a new fulltime singer. It’s under that line-up that SOT had the opportunity to release their EP through the Japanese/European label Bells On Records and had the chance to play in different countries such as Japan, England, Belgium, Germany…

Although they never stopped writing and working, summer 2008 was the very beginning of a new chapter in the band’s history. As they came back from their succesful Japan and Euro tours and while their musical and human influences kept changing, the band members started to feel like they truly wanted to make a step further and do something different. Something that was actually in their head for a while. A whole new journey was about to begin, probably the most decisive and active period the band had never been through since their beginning, not only in a musical way but also in a human way. Short On Time parted ways with Phil in January 2009 and saw the come back of their original singer Burns. In a few months they wrote the songs that were going to make their first full length album. Between two recording sessions, they also had the chance to tour Japan for the second time after their first trip in Asia in summer 2008.

In January 2010, after long months of work and decisions, the album is finally completed and Short On Time is back, motivated as never before and with a brand new line-up, introducing bass player Samuel Volan and vocalist Julie Carpino as a second singer.


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    Well done..Keep it up..

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    Great work done..

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