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Hometown: Parts Unknown Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Ripper Moloney: Drums
Brian Christopher: Bass, Vocals
Rochelle Ferguson: Guitar
Johnny El Camino: Guitar

SkyTigers Bio:

As devastating and intense as any Superstar who stepped on stage, SkyTigers may be the most enigmatic band to ever take the stage. Hailing from Parts Unknown, they hide their face under a painted mask and speak in cryptic puzzles, but the considerable impact they have on music is still talked about today.

Making their debut in 1987, SkyTigers quickly captured the attention of the Universe with their comic book physique, neon face paint and aggressive stage entrance. While most Superstars slowly walked to the squared circle, SkyTigers sprinted full speed down the entrance ramp and ran circles around the stage before shaking the ropes like men possessed.

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