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Slick 46

Slick 46
Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria Current Label: Longshot Music Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Tim: Guitar/Vox
Paul: Drums/Vox
Flea: Bass/Vox

Slick 46 Bio:

Slick 46 are a working class street punk band, that formed late 1998 in country New South Wales, in Australia. The line up then was Tim Mumford- Guitar & Vocals, Paul Mumford- drums and Joe King- Bass & Vocals. After twelve months of playing pubs & all ages shows, Joe left the band & Owen Dwyer joined on Bass. After touring extensively nationally, in January 2001, the boys decided it was time to relocate & call Melbourne home. Slick 46 is an independent band with a strong DIY ethic, organizing their own tours & recordings. The guys in Slick 46 are always busy, either working on new material, organizing shows, playing gigs and touring. To date they have independently released three E. P.'s- 'Kicked out of Everywhere' 1999 (out of print ) 'Stand in Line' 2001, 'Move Aside' 2006. In 2008 Slick 46 released a full length album- 'I Don't Wanna' (2008) and a split 7" vinyl with U.S Oi band the Harrington Saints (2008) Both through Longshot Music. Slick 46s music is unashamedly old school with plenty of sing-a-long chorus & loud guitar riffs. Their influences are obvious- The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, Sex Pistols, Sham 69 and current days bands such as U.S. Bombs. Slick 46 shows are always energetic & entertaining, be it at a Melbourne Venue, somewhere on tour or belting out some tunes for the lads at their local pub, they play each gig as if it was their last. 2008 was a busy year for the band. In addition to releasing their latest album & 7 inch, Slick46 completed a U.S west coast tour for the second year running as well as many local & interstate shows in Australia. At the close of 2008, Owen decided that after nine years with the band, he would move on to pursue other interests, playing his last show with the guys in April 2009. Now on bass/vox is Flea. Currently, Slick46 are busy writing & recording new material for two forthcoming releases. Firstly a new E.P due out mid year on Longshot Music, and a split 7 inch, with Bricktop from Tucson, Arizona on H8-piece Records, later in the year. So look out for Slick46 shows in Melbourne & interstate cities, as well as their third U.S tour late 2009. Over & Out.

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