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Societys Parasites

Societys Parasites
Hometown: Los Angeles, California Current Label: Hellcat Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Jimmy - drums
Freddy - Guitar & Voc.
Vince - Guitar & back ups -
the enemy- bass & back ups

Societys Parasites Bio:

In the streets of Los Angeles, punk rock has reached another level. Slipping away from the more melodic/sing along style of punk, Societys Parasites have put a new style on the table. It's punk rock with a REAL pissed off attitude. The sound: it's aimed to blow your ears away at 100mph. The style: it's fast, angry, and slips away from the basics. The attitude: it's real, from the streets of Echo Park, Los Angeles. Societys Parasites, all whom are long time friends, have been tearing up the punk rock scene in Los Angeles since 1997. With influences ranging from bands like Rancid, Antidote, Filth, and Muddy Waters, Societys Parasites have produced something different, something unique, with guitar licks and bass riffs that most punk bands won't bother to attempt. So put your fighting gloves on, and prepare yourself for 2 minutes of fast paced mayhem, because Societys Parasites will make sure that you feel that kick in the ass.


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