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Son Of Dad

Son Of Dad
Hometown: Adelaide, Australia Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Craig - Vocals & Sax/All round nice "guy"
Dan - Guitar & Vocals/Enthusiasm director/Crowd insults/Apologies
Trent - Bass
Matthew 2 - Drums/Reverb co-ordinator
Brendan - Trumpet & Vocals/
Matt 1 - Trombone/Politeness

Son Of Dad Bio:

Son of Dad appeared on the Adelaide music scene in 2005, exhibiting their own unique display of what they interpreted as "third-wave ska"; mincing together incriminating sound grabs from interviews with members of Reel Big Fish, and laying them over stolen dub beats. Unfortunately, the band encountered several lawsuits from Reel Big Fish's label, hence deciding that creating music more "traditionally" fitting with the ska-reggae-punk ideology, would be entirely more profitable, legal, and fun. How wrong they were.

Since this little mishap, the boys have established quite a rabid fanbase, often filling to the rafters some of Adelaide's best live venues... with drunks looking for any way out of the cold, and people who think there's a Resignators cover band playing inside... oh, and those who genuinely enjoy Son of Dad's fun, offbeat and very danceable style of music - which Richard Wilkins once described as "...the musical equivalent of Richard Wilkins"

Since releasing their debut EP Just Another Ska Band (a title entirely befitting of the music) in 2006, Son of Dad have released a split EP with psychobilly hunks The Hoodoo Voodoo Dolls, as well as a live EP entitled Straight Outta Brompton.

2010 has seen the Dad traveling to Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and Perth (and they might even have played a gig there too) as well as winning the SA state final of the National Campus Band Competition at the Governor Hindmarsh.

Currently in the process of recording their first single Die On My Feet and pre-planning for a full length album in 2011, Son of Dad are firmly cementing their role as yet another Adelaide band that is more than overstaying their welcome.

Yes indeed, Son Of Dad are the ska band that simply everyone.

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