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Hometown: New York, NY Current Label: Good Fight Music Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Scott Vogel - Vocals
Matt Henderson - Guitar
Chris Beattie - Bass
Nick Jett - Drums
Sam Trapkin - Guitar

S.O.S. Bio:

S.O.S. owes you nothing. Made up solely of individuals who each have a well-respected hardcore history, the band is just a small piece of the truths and of the code the scene has shown us all. The idea of S.O.S first started to take shape around two years ago when Scott Vogel, front man for Terror, and Chris Beattie, bass player for Hatebreed, had discussed the possibility of making music together. The two had first met while touring the US together in 95, and their discussions were simply focused on making music without stress or complications. While there was some back and forth regarding other potential members, the idea took a more serious turn when Matt Henderson, former guitarist of Agnostic Front and Madball, agreed to be involved. This would be Matt's first formal involvement in a band in well over 5 years. For the next member, Vogel had to look no further than his own band mate, Terror drummer Nick Jett. Nick is razor sharp behind the drums and his ability as a prolific songwriter added another creative dimension. To round out the group and put the final piece in place, S.O.S. brought in guitarist Sam Trapkin from one of the best new bands hardcore has seen in years, Trapped Under Ice. Individually, the members of S.O.S. represent the past, present, and future of hardcore. While that warrants recognition in it’s own right, the music and the spirit is what leads the charge for S.O.S.

The band got together over several New York winter days to record their debut EP. Each member contributed to all parts of the creative process, from every riff right down to the vocal patterns. At the helm of production was Dean Baltulonis, a producer and engineer who has been involved with some of the genre's most iconic recordings, and was a natural fit for the session. S.O.S. emerged with a concise, tried and true, no frills hardcore EP. Good Fight Music will be releasing the brand new debut sometime in late spring to early summer with the vinyl coming out through Reaper Records. Keep an eye out for upcoming news, as the band has assured there will be shows in the future for SOS. This is a distress call. We are in a state of alert.


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    very good work

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    very nice….

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