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Stage Bottles

Stage Bottles
Hometown: Frankfurt, Germany Current Label: Insurgence Records Websites: Official Website
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The Stage Bottles are an anti-fascist band from Frankfurt, Germany. They don't like being labelled an Oi band but this is probably the easiest way to describe them. The band started in 1993 and had a political edge from the beginning, partly due to the fact that one member used to be in The Blaggers.

By 1994 the fascists cottoned onto the fact that members of the band were active anti-fascists, so the SB's had to organize their own security at gigs. Things came to a head when they played with Cocksparrer in Stuttgart in April 1995. The fascists made threats before the gig, warning the Stage Bottles "not to come to Stuttgart". To make a long and violent story short, the gig then went ahead, minus fascists, and to this day the fascists have never stopped threatening revenge. But it's been business as usual for the Bottles, who have even been over to North America under the Insurgence banner to play to their dedicated fans this side of the ocean.

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    i like thiz

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