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Star Fucking Hipsters

Star Fucking Hipsters
Hometown: New York, New York Current Label: Fat Wreck Chords Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: rank - Guitar
Sturgeon - Vocals/Guitar
Kelsey - Vocals
Mikey Erg - Drums
Chris - Bass

Star Fucking Hipsters Bio:

O.K., so we're not actually trying to take your under-age children across state-lines to live the decadent Star Fucking Hipster lifestyle. We are a new band featuring members of mostly current, with a couple of non-active, but not broken-up bands like Choking Victim, The Degenerics, Leftover Crack, the Slackers, Nanuchka and Casa de Chihuahua with honorary members from bands like the Bouncing Souls, World/Inferno Friendship Society and the Hold Steady (all of whom play on the two tracks we have decided to debut on this page). Anyhow, we have what I believe is a talented group of musicians here and we are making an effort to try and mix shit up with our styles of playing and song-writing while keeping the ideas of leftist-politics and ethics of true punk alive (we understand that the definition of "punk" has broadened and in our opinion has been obscenely perverted for years to meet capitalistic ends), but we are not here to exclude people, we don't care what you do, own, believe in, look like, where you come from or any of that superficial shit. We plan on playing all-ages shows with the hope of maintaining the interest of "slightly older" folks such as our-selves. What we do or "believe" in does not need to be conformed to by you. We are an ANTI-RACIST, ANTI-SEXIST, ANTI-HOMOPHOBIC & ANTI-FASCIST organization. We are pro-choice, but anti-breeding, we are against any wars that are fought for profit or for the power to enslave people or to destroy the cultures of another race, religious or ethnic group. We are against nations and their ill-gotten arbitrary borders. We are against the invasion and colonialism perpetrated by crass, brutish governments such our own. We believe only in fighting to defend your people, culture and resources from being raped by international bullies looking to turn a profit at the expense of innocent people and this very planet that gives us life.
We hope that you rock back.


  1. Johanstill10/6/2015 1:57 AM | Permalink

    i like this.

  2. shanewaston
    shanewaston2/1/2016 5:32 AM | Permalink

    well done

  3. danallen249
    danallen2492/15/2016 5:15 AM | Permalink

    Its soo nice.

  4. danielperez105/28/2016 7:09 AM | Permalink

    I like this song.

  5. brent jones8/22/2016 2:35 AM | Permalink

    Mind Blowing

  6. ronniescott6812/12/2016 2:51 AM | Permalink

    I like your effort

  7. harrybass752/10/2017 2:28 AM | Permalink


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