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Static Thought

Static Thought
Hometown: East Bay, California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Eric Urbach: Guitar/Vocals
Johaan Hill: Bass/Vocals
Aaron Younce: Guitar/Vocals
Drew Cueva: Drums

Static Thought Bio:

We are a forward thinking hardcore punk band. Forward thinking meaning both lyrically and musically progressive. We are not a wanna-be band and we hate bands that are. We are not a spikey hair punk band but we are not against bands like that. We are the new wave and the force that brings a renewed spirit and appreciation for music. All of our lyrics are in our pictures section or attached to the songs on the player above. We sing about many things and topics mostly of a socially conscious nature. We are against ignorance and dehumanization. We wish people would drop the petty differences and try to get along both at shows and in life. We are all about playing mixed genre shows. We are a mixed genre band with many influences. We don’t sound like anyone else and if you think we do, we are not trying to do that. That is your interpretation and not our suggestion. We play harder then most bands dare to do live. We're bored of the norm, sick of the tune and tired of the frauds with all the gratitude.

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