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Still Automatic

Still Automatic
Hometown: Seattle, Washington Current Label: Whens Lunch Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Tony Lash - Vocals/Guitar
Bryan Lash - Drums
Adam Tabor- Bass

Still Automatic Bio:

Before identifying themselves as 'STILL AUTOMATIC' brothers Tony Lash (guitar, vocals) and Bryan Lash (drums, vocals, producing) formed the underground punk rock band 'Hat Trick'. It was then childhood friend Matt Lake was on board and they went by this name between 1996-2005. 'Hat Trick' released four records independently. The first of these four releases was an EP titled '2 Words, 3 Goals' (1998). The record was immediately well received by the local scene in Seattle with great written reviews by several independent punk rock magazines. Hat Trick continued to write music and play shows with a strong local following, which only strengthened with the release of their sophomore album 'Road to Succession' (1999).

'Road to Succession' is a unique record with experimental electronic drums, holding stylistically a punk rock sound. Many praised the record which only heightened the bands career with more excellent write-ups in magazines followed by shows. Hat Trick then landed a spot on the local stage during Warped Tour. The performance took place at the no longer standing Kingdome in Seattle. Some of the bands performing at this 1999 highlight were acts such as: The Vandals, Blink 182, Less Than Jake, Pennywise, Lit, Ice-T, Eminem and more. The album soon gained motion with the song 'Muckraker', topping punk charts on

'Hat Trick' soon booked a show opening up for The Ataris in Santa Cruz, CA during December of 2000. The band's third record 'Laughing at Derail' (2001) was tracked followed by a US/Canada tour, and Hat Trick once again released the album independently. Many of the songs posted on maintained positive feed back. Songs from this record like 'The Ones' and 'Favorite Line' were two of several favorites.

'Hat Trick' later joined forces with long time friend and bassist, Paul Cullin. The band recorded their fourth and latest release during spring of 2002. It is an EP called 'The Customer' EP. They then played many shows; including a month long tour of the west coast. Making good friends, and growing musically the band decided to take a break which turned into a long hiauts. Songs such as 'Republicans Lose', 'Staring at Defeat' and 'Desired Achieve' were still loved by faithful fans.

In 2011, the band 'Hat Trick' now call themselves 'STILL AUTOMATIC'. It is becoming apparent they have evolved into an explosion of punk rock progressive. With the recent addition of classmate and old friend, Adam Tabor (bass), the avid three piece are now currently working heavily on their EP. Produced by Bryan Lash of Blash studios and mixed and mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room. 'STILL AUTOMATIC' plan to launch the record this year with the working title "Hatred of Release".

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