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Strength In Blunders

Strength In Blunders
Hometown: London Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Jaseph Graves - Guitar/ Vocals
Samiam - Drums/ Vocals
Captain A-Rab - Bass

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Strength in Blunders are a morbidly infectious punk trio from the Industrial trenches of Swindon. Impressive hooks combine with despondent satire in a snot nosed punk rock wrapping.
They were offered their first gig supporting legendary punk band ‘Peter and the Test Tube Babies’ just two weeks after they formed in October 2012. Four months later they produced a 30 minute slot of fast paced, lyrically poignant songs –
“…reminded me of the sharper edge of punk; kids who know how to play their instruments, conscious of composition, unambiguous. Short, sharp rhythms, suicidal, drug abuse based lyrics, ferocious rapid fire delivery and a sharp injection of expectation…this band will soon be headliners!”
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They quickly emerged on the punk rock circuit earning themselves a reputation for tight, classy punk delivery riven with a unique intensity of sound that saw them playing with the indefatigable ‘Eastfield’ and their first London gig supporting renowned punk poet Patrik Fitzgerald. They played DIYT at the Barn in Portsmouth and their impressive set has earned them an invitation to next year’s bash. Their first EP has been re-pressed several times due to popular demand and the debut album ‘life at midnight’ is flying off the shelves.
Strength in Blunders are about to release their first video and have recently proved to be popular guests on local radio. As well as writing new songs and gigging. They have a mini tour planned with emerging band Slagerij, and later in the year a country wide tour scheduled.
Jaseph Grave’s guitar has been compared to ‘maths showing all the working out’ and is dynamic while enlivening tough subject lyrics. Sam Fuller on drums is a young Bonham with a back list of gigs playing for long standing punk stalwarts Charred Hearts and for a guy in is 20’s he’s on first name terms with more icons of raw punk rock than musicians double his age. Influences of the pair are varied including Husker Du, Alkaline Trio, Stiff Little Fingers and Jawbreaker.
With growing excitement at the prospect of their coming tour and the current release of their album, the ‘Blunder boys’ are being talked about in ever growing circles with ever impressive reports. Described in the music column ‘Groovers on Manoeuvres’ as ‘musical bacteria’, it seems inevitable that you can ‘Expect to be infected sometime soon’.
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