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Suburban Samurai

Suburban Samurai
Hometown: Burlington, VT Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Cody Delphia - Vocals, Guitars //
Aaron Gingras - Drums //
Mitch Ward - Bass, Vocals //

Suburban Samurai Bio:

Hailing from Vermont's queen-city of Burlington, Melodic-Punk-Rockers Suburban Samurai balance and deliver their signature and swift one-two punch of a set though a series of high tempo and heavy-upbeat tunes, featuring catchy vocals and a driven rhythm.

With 2015 having been about beginning to establish its infrastructure and a local following, 2016 saw the band expand their reach exponentially - reaching 51 shows in 31 cities throughout the U.S.'s New England, Mid-Atlantic, and East Coast.
Throughout 2017 the band continued to revisit and grow their existing markets on tour while expanding their reach into new territory and writing new material.

With 2018, came SubSam's follow up to 2016's self-titled and 2017's 6MW single, with a new EP titled 'Short But Not Short Enough' (June 6, 2018). The band has grown over the last few years, and this EP represents a large part of that growth. SBNSE illustrates how 120+ shows can take a band from point A to point B, sonically, while allowing its content to speak to pieces of the path in between.

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