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Survive This!

Survive This!
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV Current Label: Epitaph Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Shawn Zyvoloski
Daniel Ingram
Aj Veloz-Guitar
Billy Sanderson

Survive This! Bio:

Forged in the fires of sin city Las Vegas comes a skillful endeavor of pure genius! Wanted by their enemies, sought by their peers, these Musicians journey their way through Nevada, killing any stage that gets in their way! With a must see live performance, this band of unlikely heroes are here to show the world what they’re made of.
Survive This! a symbolism of Post Hardcore, Electronic Metal and have been thrashing their instruments and raising hell to fans across the nation. With a strong will to survive they have managed to make it through the ranks of the ever competing industry of Sin City. With their do it yourself attitude they Continuously push and drive themselves to record and promote there sound. This allowing them to build buzz and gain momentum. Survive This! thrives to make a mark for themselves and will not let anything stand in there way.
Through thought provoking lyrics and energetic live shows, the band tries to carry out the important message to young fans. “Nothing else matters but this music”. They are firm believers in doing what you love to do, be true to yourselves, don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible. Keep trying, and trying, whatever it is.
With their drive to succeed and passion for music this is only the beginning of what is to come. This is an ever progressing band. Always looking to better their skills, performances and themselves. Proven time and time again not to be your average local band. They know sacrifice is only one of the efforts to thrive in this industry. With hard work ethics, ambition, and the will to carry on no matter what obstacle stands before them. With great attitudes towards the love of music, This is a band to be proud of and you don’t want to miss.


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