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Tater Famine

Tater Famine
Hometown: Santa Cruz, California Current Label: Hot Air Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Johnny Dodds- The T-bird (guitar), Lead Vocals Mat Warren- Sweet Baby Jesus (stand up bass), Vocals Matteo Brunozzi- Marlon Mando (mandolin), Vocals

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Tater Famine is from Santa Cruz, California. Some describe their sound as folk-punk, country-punk, or acousti-punk, but they say, "To hell with that ding-dang label horse puckey!" (actual quote). Simply put, they rock. Tater Famine is a three-piece acoustic band who are currently touring and writing every chance they get. The core instruments are acoustic guitars, mandolin, and stand-up bass. But don't let that fool you! Those boys pack a mean punch. The tale of the three that would become Tater Famine is one of unparalleled adventure and gripping intensity, unfit to be penned in the flaccid words of mortals…but you seem cool, so we’ll try. It began in the greater Santa Cruz city of Aptos in 2005. Matteo Brunozzi was a punk-rock bassist in bands around North Lake Tahoe who moved to the Santa Cruz area in 2004 to attend school at Cabrillo College for graphic art. Johnny was a guitarist and seasoned singer in several former bands who moved to Santa Cruz from Orange County in late 2004 to start school at Cabrillo for music studies. They met on a deck, started talking music, and they soon become good friends. They began jamming soon after in the spring of 2005 and started banging out rock and punk tunes just for fun. It was a year later in 2006 when they got a pad by the beach in Aptos and started writing original material. Both were old fans of The Pogues, Flogging Molly, and Bad Religion and the like, and in tandem with of the auditory restraints of an apartment complex filled with older working-squares, they began playing acoustically. It was here where the Tater Famine sound truly began. Riffing on Irish tunes, punk unplugged, and the old country sounds that harkened Hank Sr. and his contemporaries, they began to meld a sound of their own, unique and new on its own, yet covenant to the old ways. It was pretty soon after that they invited Mat Warren to the jam, and after 2 months of writing and rehearsing, they started giggin out. Matteo and John hopped around Europe for a spell, playing shows when they could and writing music. They came back in late 2007 with a trove of new music. Since then Tater Famine has been playing the Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and the West Coast scenes extensively. They've been supporting and headlining with many regional and national acts, and are now a nationally touring act. For more info and tour dates check out: Throughout the process they have released numerous face shattering breakthroughs in American musical history. One including their debut full-length album “…An Untimely Fashion” was released on December 9th, 2008. Enrich your life with this precious gem of American history. Along with your very own set of Tater Famine mint pressed quarters and half dollars and commemorative plates…not really

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