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Teresa Banks

Teresa Banks
Hometown: Helsinki / Savona / Bilbao Current Label: Melodic Punk Style Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Riky - Vocals
Mika - Guitar
Alvaro - Guitar
Jussi - Bass
Juha - Drums

Teresa Banks Bio:

Mika talked with Jussi after a Millencolin gig in Tavastia.

Alvaro got angry at Mika because something he said to Jussi.

After what Mika told Jussi, he contacted them to start a band.

Now Alvaro was less angry at Mika.

Jussi was playing with Juha in another band and asked him to join.

Alvaro had saved an email from the 18th of October of 2014, day when he met Riky in a house party, with a link to Riky's old band from Italy.

They asked Riky to join the band.

Boom.Teresa Banks.

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