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The Anti-Sheeple Movement

The Anti-Sheeple Movement
Hometown: Los Angeles, California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Sheepface Killah - Guitar, Accordion, Vocals
P-A-N-C-H-O MAAAN! - Violin, Trumpet, Washboard, Vocals
Ol'Dirty Leo - Ukulele, Melodica, Guitar, Vocals
AnJza A.K.A. Nororious B.U.G. - Bass, Beer

The Anti-Sheeple Movement Bio:

Our goal is to create something new, original, genuine, and most importantly: fun. We want people to move, laugh, sing, scream etc. We want to send a message to better yourself, for yourself. Inspiring anyone to do something new, break walls, and enjoy life for the little things like sound. Now this doesn't mean we have forgotten how fucked the world is because it in fact makes us all angry enough to yell, jump, and express anxiety anyway we choose as humans. No one should be misjudged for "overreacting" on how the world sucks. After all, killing us all would be the logical solution to almost all world problems. Show people the world as it is, burned and dying! Then Show em' the world at its best! Let them decide to clean the mess or let it burn to ash. We play music the way we want to live life: Fast, Beautifully, Positive, but never letting go of the anger that fueled the change that the Rebels and Anti Sheeple have been waiting for.

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