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The Blamed

The Blamed
Hometown: California Current Label: Indie Vision Music
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The pioneering Christian punk/ hardcore/post-hardcore band, The Blamed, originated in Northern California in the early 1990s, and got their start at the iconic venue, Gilman St. in Berkeley, California with original members Bryan Gray and Jim Chaffin at the forefront. They not only went on to extensively tour North America and Europe, but consistently would boldly forge into new and creative musical paths in Christian music, always relevant and ahead of the curve.

They emerged in 1994 as one of the first bands ever signed to the legendary Tooth & Nail Records and released their old-school punk rock album “21” which was recorded in just 21 hours the day before the Northridge earthquake in Southern California. In 1995 they released their next album “Frail” which was heavier and characterized by a more ‘hardcore’ sound, which catapulted them into the spotlight and set them apart from other bands on the label and in the scene.

After relocating to Chicago and picking up new members in 1998, they released the “…again” album on Grrr Records which led to their first European tour and nomination for a GMA Dove Award. In 1999 The Blamed released the album ”Forever” which was even heavier than the previous releases, keeping up with their trend of slightly changing their sound with each album.

Then in 2000 they released their album ”Germany” which included another line-up change as well as deviating to a new musical style, exhibiting a more experimental and post-hardcore sound. They fine-tuned this musical departure with the highly successful ”Isolated Incident” in 2001, and then went back to Tooth & Nail Records and in 2002 released ”Give Us Barabbas” which would be their final album before taking a hiatus from recording and touring.

After over a decade of playing in other bands and pursuits, The Blamed has reformed, with Bryan Gray still on guitar and vocals, Jim Chaffin back on drums, Sid Duffour on bass and vocals, and Jeff Locke on guitar and vocals. These four friends began writing new music and composing songs to present to their dedicated fans, leaning toward the intense hardcore punk style of the classic ”Frail” album, but with the sophistication and creativity of their post-hardcore records.

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