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The Bloodtypes

The Bloodtypes
Hometown: Portland, Oregon Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Schneck Tourniquet - vocals and keys
I.V. Frehley - guitar and vocals
Jesse B Negative - bass and vocals
Matt O Dermic - drums

The Bloodtypes Bio:

They're Pulsing! They're Throbbing! Bloodtypes! The searing progpunk phenomenon straight from the heart of the dripping Northwest has a beat you can't live without. This razor sharp four piece delivers cut after cut of knife edged fuzz punk freakouts that will slash a smile onto your unwilling face! The Bloodtypes are fronted by the hot blooded heartthrob Schneck Tourniquet. This teutonic temptress opens a vein of unmatched sanguinary sironics guaranteed to lure all who dare to listen! Backing the antigenic angel is the bloodiest band in the land! The unceasing beat of the Bloodtypes is driven home by the baleful blows of the menacing Matt O Dermic. In coronary corollary to the rampaging rhythm of the drums is the persistent pulmonary pressure of Jesse B Negative and his blood curdling bassistry! And injecting an infectious infusion of cardiac-attacking, nerve-wracking, timidity-lacking guitar-whacking, come the needle-sharp jabs of the incomparable I.V. Frehley! Together this gory foursome lets flow a sonic tonic that is good for what ails you. Whatever type you are - the Blood Types are just your type!

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