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The DUIs

The DUIs
Hometown: Milwuakee, Wisconsin Current Label: SBS Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Chris

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The DUI's are 4 drunk punks from Beer City, Milwaukee, Wi that were brought together by Punk, Beer, Whisky, and a long list of Arrest Records. Formed in 2011 The DUI's have only a few things in mind, Party, Get Drunk, and Play Punk! They sing songs about drinking with friends and keeping punk rock alive. Full of choruses ment to be sung along too with a pint of beer and filled with epic bass lines. The DUI's are the first ones at the bar, after drinking plenty before they even arrive to the venue, as they stumble on stage you think how are they going to pull this off but this trio takes pride in how they drink and know what they are doing when they hit the stage! They want to get rowdy and have a good time and want to make sure everyone is doing the same, and after the show get ready for the after party because The DUI's don't stop till the beer is gone! So get ready to sing along and rest your livers for plenty of shots and pints The DUI's are not to be missed!

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