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The Gonads

The Gonads
Hometown: United Kingdom Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Gal Gonad: vocals
Nacho Jase: guitar
Mick Maverick: bass
South Coast Steve: drums
Shona 'Wattsie' Watts: backing vocals

The Gonads Bio:

The Gonads were formed in a Deptford pie shop in January 1977. They were influenced by punk rock, Carry On films, Donald McGill, Max Romeo, Max Miller, Monty Python, Leon Trotsky and Dada. The Nads grew out of pub rock comedy outfit Pink Tent. Their early shows erupted like a tramp's boils in Charlton, a small proletarian enclave in south east London which is allegedly home to the finest football team the world has ever seen. They drew on the anarchic comedy of the Goons, wore eccentric garb and followed the music hall tradition in their antics and comic sketches, leading to comparisons with the Small Faces, the Blockheads and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. But as guitarist Spanner said at the time: “We’re not doing the Bonzos, we are throttling them.” Their early comic thrust, including songs such as ‘Surrealist Blues’, ‘Eels’, ‘Beyond The Minge’, 'Whelks' and ‘Stroke My Beachcomber, Baby', saw the band identified by music press experts as the godfathers of the punk pathetique movement. A press release described their act as “a ballet for the hooligan element.” The Sounds diarist Lord Waistrel dubbed them “a great lusty raspberry of creative excess."

The Nads split painfully in 1978, owing to artistic differences and an accumulation of unpaid bar bills. They reformed in 1981 recording the track ‘Tucker’s Ruckers Ain’t No Suckers’ – lampooning Oi’s early obsession with football hooligans – for the ‘Carry On Oi’ album (“dedicated to the spirit of Sid James and Che Guevara”). A live double album eventually followed mixing punk with pub rock, party sing-songs and absurd ditties. Their most famous early song was ‘I Lost My Love To A UK Sub’, a true tale inspired by the sad defection of the fragrant Janice Gussett to that inferior South London combo. Only the band's unrequited lust for Sandra Bigg (really big) kept them together through-out this difficult period.

The Gonads split again in 1985 but reformed ten years later, moving increasingly towards Professionalism. Their third burst of life has been their most productive, with five studio albums featuring songs like ‘Alconaut’, ‘Hey You’ and ‘Oi Mate’. As well as flag girls and erotic dancers, the current line-up includes Actual Musicians. Their anarchic, highly visual shows appeal to drunks, dossers, loose women, medical students, skinheads, Rastafarians, lap-dancers and the recently deceased. Work has started on a definitive Gonads Greater Hits album which will either be called ‘Plums’, ‘Bollo’ or ‘Scientology For Beginners’. There is also a DVD in development. If you want to book the band, more fool you. Given the chance they will shag your women, drink your beer and steal your jokes. Spokesman Fat Col says poetically: "Don’t lump us in with any other groups because they are all cnuts." Although strictly roots and all that jazz, the Gonads have indicated that they will sell out at the first opportunity.

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