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The Muslims

The Muslims
Band Members: Qadr, FarraH BaHbaH, Abu Shea

The Muslims Bio:

THE MUSLIMS: This all-queer, Black & Brown punk band emerged onto the U.S. music scene in DURM, NC after the inauguration of Donald [fuckface] Trump.

Taking inspiration from classic punk and afropunk roots, they mix hardcore, rock-rap fusion, political satire and shared experiences as multi-racial Muslims into a powerful and spiritual deliverance. This band consists of lead singer/guitarist Laylatul Qadr, a Black Queer Muslim originally from NY, NC-born Palestinian drummer FaraH BaHbaH and bestest face, babygay Abu Shea on the bass.

The Muslims is a Black & Brown punk band from Durham NC.
We're queer moozlems & friendz, shitting on gummies with hardcore punk rock, hip-hip & futurist rap.
Political satire, spandex and radical extremism.

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