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The Obvious

The Obvious
Hometown: Asbury Park, New Jersey Current Label: Altercation Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Angie Sugrim—Vox/ Guitar
Dan Astorri—Guitar/Vox
Rob Blake—Drums
Mike Smith--Bass

The Obvious Bio:

If you're a saint with the heart of a sinner, The Obvious has got your salvation right here. Armed with their signature brand of damned, dirty, gravel-slinging, sing-along Rock, the band has been steadily collecting converts with its frothing live show-- a sight which burns with the energy of tent-revival healing. The unique mash up of dark humor, social commentary, and the artful ripping off of the right 70's punk and 90's alternative influences all combine to produce a unique sound praised by Indie Rock champions near and far, including Pete Steinkopf of The Bouncing Souls. Steinkopf recorded the foursome at the Souls’ own Little Eden Studios in Spring of 2010, and he praises The Obvious for their fervent energy, crafted songwriting, and watertight musicianship: “Angie has a Devil inside. The Obvious are exactly what rock and roll needs at this moment, and this band is absolutely on FIRE”.


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