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The Strange Times

The Strange Times
Hometown: New York, NY Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Comrade Aaron - Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Vocals
Sean - Guitar, Vocals
Jeff - Drums
with accompaniment by
CaroLion - Electric Violin, Viola, Vocals

The Strange Times Bio:

THE STRANGE TIMES are made up of musicians who came from all across America, to New York City, for one purpose: to make the most relevant punk rock you’ve heard in decades.

The Strange Times are striking in their eclecticism and urgency. With a musical background ranging from punk rock to jazz to classical, their sound is a unique blend of high-level musicality and rage-fueled aggression. The lyrics are packed with poignant satires and stories from an incensed, yet colorful perspective.

The initial Strange Times demos were basscalist* Comrade Aaron’s impassioned home recordings, tracked in his Long Island bedroom whose ceiling had partially fallen in during Hurricane Sandy. Upon moving into Queens with the brilliantly talented CaroLion, who accompanies the band on electric violin and viola, he began collaborating with Sean, a triumphant guitarist from Florida living in Manhattan. After gaining some initial attention playing shows around New York, they rounded out the lineup with the addition of Jeff, a drummer from Arizona, sharp in both talent and wit. Since this addition, the band has been making a strong impression all over the city with their intense live show.

After months of working diligently to define their sound, the band put together the world’s introduction to strange-punk. This resulted in their debut EP, which they just finished recording with Jesse Cannon at his studio in Union City, NJ, Cannon Sound Foundation Studios. The EP was released on January 9, 2014 and will inevitably lead to the saturation of strange-punk into the fabric of modern music.

The rise of The Strange Times will be followed by the demise of society. As humanity begins to redefine its purpose, it will be done so according the doctrine of strange-punk.


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