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The Bad Engrish

The Bad Engrish
Hometown: Denver, Colorado Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Gordy, Salmanilla,, J Man,Gordie, +1

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Started early 2009 in a 1 car garage with a couple of guys from Texas that were living in Denver at the time. they decided to move back to Texas so it was time to start lookin for new members. Along came Salminilla with his rockin gitar licks and we knew then and there he was gonna be our new lead gitar player! we tried a couple drummers and eventually turned to our roomate at the time, Justin, wh
o agreed to play and so we were a 4 piece. Justin, being a gitar player before anything, decided he wanted to get on 2nd gitar and we thought our sound would be way better wit 2 of em so we enlisted long time friend J Man to jump behind the skins and start beating them and so we became a 5 piece. after a while Justin decided he didn't wanna be in the band anymore so we started lookin for a new 2nd gitar since we just didn't sound the same with only 1 and found some other guy that didn't last very long, then another. then another and so on and so forth and here we are at present and the rest is history!


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