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The Boils

The Boils
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Current Label: TKO Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Greg BoiL -Vocals
Eric Endrikat -Guitar
Christof Endrikat -Drums
John Brennan -Bass
Oscar Capps -Guitar
Mike Bardzik -Minister of Production
Shawn FATE -Guitar West Coast '09

The Boils Bio:

Anyone who has a clue about good street punk and Oi and has been around for more than a half a second knows who THE BOILS are. If you don't have a clue, let me give you one. From the streets of Philadelphia comes the shouts and chants of THE BOILS. They are an anthemic, punk 'n roll, Oi! influenced band from the streets of Philadelphia. They've been around for almost a decade and have released several records, been on a million comps, played the Warped tour, toured the country with OXYMORON and THE CASUALTIES, and won over punk rock hearts and minds all over.

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