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The Jettison Commitment

The Jettison Commitment
Hometown: London, Canada Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Joel - Vocals
Steve - Guitar
Dave - Bass
Adam - Guitar

The Jettison Commitment Bio:

This hardcore, metal, abstract band is an integral part of the London Ont. music scene. The Jettison Commitment is one of the big five on SummerCamp Productions managed by the king of london music, Brandon Eedy. The Jettison Commitment's all original music combines fast paced (smash in your face with a shovel) heavy metal with softer tripped out melodic interludes that will make your head spin, adding the most catchy chorus known to mankind that will burn in your ears for years to come. The band is finishing the highly anticipated 5 song demo with producer Aaron Murray (The Used, Rise Against, The Holly Springs Disaster,Baptized In Blood,Del Asher, The Salads, K-OS, Grady, The Trews) after facing some last minute minor hurdles (member changes) that caused even a longer wait. Now the Jettison Commitment is bigger and stronger then ever and will stop at nothing until they rip every last one of your faces off. Just try to tell tell them otherwise.

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