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The Junk

The Junk
Hometown: Brighton, UK Current Label: Drop Anchor! Entertainment Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Bill Hargood - Guitar
Lee Bridges - Drums
Robin Smith - Trombone
Jake Martin - Vocals
Jona Smith - Bass + Vocals
Jake Skinner - Guitar
Ben Melmoth - Trumpet + Vocals
Sean Shereston - Sax

The Junk Bio:

theJUNK are a seven piece skacore band from Brighton,UK. theJUNK started in April 2008, and after writing and releasing an EP of very well received catchy ska/corepunk, they decided to recruit a brass section. theJUNK have a very strong DIY attitude and love to meet and play with people from all over the country. They believe the scene is important and should be supported whenever possible. theJUNK have filled out venues across England with bands such as Citizen Fish, Rentokill, The Rabble, Skaville UK, Mike TV, Too Many Crooks, 7dayCONSPIRACY, Dan Potthast, Random Hand, Girlfixer and the obvious many more. theJUNK have just recorded an awesome new EP with renowned record producer Dave Chang - CAPDOWN/LIGHTYEAR/4ftFINGERS/KNUCKLEDUST etc ( The new EP, titled NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, perfectly captures the new blasting, relentless, upbeat sound of theJUNK and is being promoted in the coming months with both UK and European tours. Members of theJUNK have previously been in bands such as Once Over, Anti-Lectual(UK), GROGAN, Another Day Lost, Heroes In A Halfshell and Captain Snake Eyes. theJUNK refuse to stand for racism, homophobia, fascism, sexism and will not stop fighting for equality. ..

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