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The Knockarounds

The Knockarounds
Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba Current Label: Insurgence Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: James (Bass),
Graham (Guitar),
Rob (Drums),
Martin (Lead Vocal),
Dan E. Ransom (Guitar 2)

The Knockarounds Bio:

Playing high-energy skinhead rock n roll sure to knock you upside the head and knock a few beers down your throat, The Knockarounds certainly live up to their name. Formed in Winnipeg in May of 2005, The Knockarounds came to life after the breakup of James (bass) and Grahams (guitars) One Nite Only, a more melodic streetpunk band that had gained a loyal following in the local scene. While keeping their sing-along songwriting sensibilities, The Knockarounds sound emerged with a more raw, harder feel which was accentuated by Lawrences (singer) ferocious vocals and the hard-hitting backbeat provided by Rob (drums). Combine that with James' strolling bass-lines (eerily reminiscent of Rancids Matt Freeman) and Grahams distinctive guitar style, the band was a force to be reckoned with right from the start. Following several months of gigging at their local watering holes or in support of touring bands, a six-song demo was recorded, capturing the bands live energy perfectly and the future appeared to be bright. Enter real-life, bills, and ironically enough, the challenges that the bands working-class rock n roll is all about. Work opportunities saw Lawrence move west, the band go on an indefinite hiatus, and suddenly the bands future became quite murky. By January of 2006, it seemed things had reached a stand-still and friend and supporter Martin was asked to try out as new lead singer. Martins charismatic style resulted in a perfect fit and the Knockarounds are now stronger than ever before! The latter part of 2006 will see the band release their debut full-length CD on Steel Capped Records, who have been the bands friends and staunchest supporters since the beginning. Drawing influence from old standbys like The Oppressed and Cock Sparrer to more current bands like Discipline and Bonecrusher, The Knockarounds are helping to keep the sound and working-class spirit of streetrock alive and well in Canada. The Knockarounds purpose is simple and clear; like the saying goes : "Having a laugh, having a say." Create your own visitor map!

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