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The Kujo Kings

The Kujo Kings
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Wes: Guitar/Vocals
Hughie: Drums/Vocals
Josh: Bass/Vocals
Byrnezy: Saxophone
Nathan: Trumpet/Vocals
Iva: Flute

The Kujo Kings Bio:

The Kujo Kings are actually a set of Septuplets born from when an over sized velociraptor hunted down Oprah Winfrey and gave her a bit of the Ole In 'n' Out.

From the moment this troop of outrageously talented kids graced the planet there was nothing but joy spread. They were and are, completely unstoppable. Even if you contain them temporarily, like herpes, they will come back bigger and pussier that ever.

After close to a score of years of individually conquering their respective fields of choice; Women, Carpentry, Panda Breeding, Complete Pokemon Mastery, Communism, Bushido and card tower building, the 7 chosen children eventually decided to pool their talents into one amazingly ridiculously awesome band, which as we all know is now the Kujo Kings.

This band is now on its way straight to the top, and by top I mean world domination.

When that much talent is gathered in one room the fabric of time begins to split and other dimensions are warped in and out of existence, this becomes addictive.

When that much talent is on stage the entire world shakes to its very core. Every person within a 1 kilometer radius becomes enlightened and ascends past the normal limitations of mankind, everyone within a 4 kilometer radius has multiple orgasms and everyone within a 20 kilometer radius a mild case of the chills.

The letters from their names, when rearranged, Wesley Josh, Hughbert James Luke Bethany and Nathan, Form a word so pure it cannot be spoken by any mortal, and if attempted they would die through spontaneous combustion.

No small band biography, however well crafted and written, could encompass the complete and utter amazingness of The Kujo Kings, so come to one of their shows, or even just be in the area and you will understand more completely how awesome they are.

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