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The Nasties

The Nasties
Band Members: Nathan Martin—vocals
Warren Nagao—guitar
Jim Hare—bass
Dan Casale—drums
Keith Carman—guitar

The Nasties Bio:

It's Guelph's turn to get nasty.

Toronto had The Viletones. Hamilton had Teenage Head. The past three decades have seen these two cities bicker over exactly whom is Southern Ontario's punk rock club house.

Churning out their brand of punk rock 'n' roll for nearly half a decade, Royal City punks The Nasties have quickly become more than a contender in the world of speedy riffs, pounding drums and brazen energy.

They—and by default Guelph—are now a punk rock staple.

Pulling from a pool of talent reaching as far back as the genre's formative years, The Nasties are far from fresh-faced upstarts battling with little more than their own sense of entitlement. They've seen the road. They've killed the kegs. They've bled from projectiles, beaten crowds into adoration and pushed simple fancy for the worlds of punk, rock 'n' roll and metal into a lifelong mandate.

Most tellingly however, they've made it via their own sound and style. Pulling inspiration from sources including the aforementioned CanPunk staples, D.O.A., Dayglo Abortions, SNFU, Misfits, Hellacopters, Dead Kennedys, New Bomb Turks, Razor and the inimitable Motorhead, The Nasties sprout from humble beginnings yet create their own Royal City sound.

It's working. Baring teeth smeared with blood and instruments caked with liquor, sweat and enthusiasm, The Nasties' mission to weld virulent energy with enduring riffs has resulted in over 200 performances with genre heroes including Gwar, C.J. Ramone, Glen Matlock, Meatmen, Hanson Brothers, Vibrators, Forgotten Rebels, D.O.A , SNFU, Dayglo Abortions and more, a sold-out debut EP and revered international showcases. Not to mention adoration as purveyors of the party atmosphere yielding ravenously boisterous crowd appreciation and involvement.

Moreover, it has brought legendary Great White North punk outfit D.O.A. on-side. Signing to the band's formidable Sudden Death Records, The Nasties are slated to release their inaugural full-length album Discipline circa autumn of 2015. Featuring 14 tunes ranging from the title track through pelvic rocker “Plumber,” succinct, hyperactive “Sky Is Falling,” undulating “Empty Revenge” and steely “Negativity,” The Nasties are poised to take the party far beyond the barriers of the Golden Horseshoe.

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