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The New Rochelles

The New Rochelles
Hometown: New York Current Label: Bright and Barrow Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Ronnie Rochelle- Electric Guitar and Vocals
Ricky Rochelle- Drums and Backup Vocals
Rookie Rochelle- Bass Guitar and Gang Vocals

The New Rochelles Bio:

In 2002, Ronnie and Ricky Rochelle were looking for something to do other than pick their nose and eat pizza. Ronnie taught himself to play guitar and Ricky learned the drums.

Reject Rochelle was a pecker canary that used to ride his tricycle past Ricky’s house, he heard the ramones-core oozing through the cracks in the windows and doors and decided to join the band.

Reject shortly quit the band after he realized that bottled waters and hygiene products were not placed on amps before practices by management.

In 2009, Rookie Rochelle was found on a street corner flipping a coin with a toothpick in his mouth. He seemed like the right replacement for poor Reject and is the current bass player for the trio.

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