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The Quickening

The Quickening
Hometown: Brisbane, Australia Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: David S. Bell (drums)
Matthew S. Bach (guitar)
Christopher "Future-dead Dio" Farrer (guitar/vox)
Jim S. O'Donnell (bass)

The Quickening Bio:

The gong is used to call upon the forces of Darkness. It is to be struck once after the participants have repeated the priests's words "Hail Satan." A gong is necessary only in organized group rituals. For the best tonal quality a concert gong is preferred, but if one cannot be obtained any gong with a full, rich tone may be used. You can mailorder our new CD "White Blossoms" directly from our website, buy it from us at shows, get it on iTunes, at Rockinghorse, Kill the Music or Tym guitars.

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