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The Tired And True

The Tired And True
Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut Current Label: Broken Rim Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Kurt Zikaras - Vocals/Guitar
Jason Silvestri - Guitar
Pat Good - Bass
Phil Waisonovitz - Drums

The Tired And True Bio:

The sounds of America echoing off the two lane black top, late nights spent in parking lots and in the backs of cars, hungry hearts immersed in empty bottles and dreams unending-- Every soul out there under the stars needs a soundtrack, an anthem that punctuates the day to day grind of youth and longing. The Tired & True come from Connecticut, armed with a multitude of emotions equipped for the perpetual summer. Make outs, make ups, break ups and break outs. Night falls and nothing else matters, sweating beside one and another, scream out the words to your favorite song. Whether it be alone in your room, in a damp basement or a concert hall, music tethers all of us together. The debris we continuously gather can only be combatted by drums, bass, guitar and voice that walks among the peers of this generation. This method has been proven for decades now. Life is always in need of a new hometown hero to get you through the night and to the office or classroom in proper spirits the following morning. Let The Tired & True be your guide. A reliable substitute for the synthetic hit factory of the new age.

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