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Tiny Y Son

Tiny Y Son
Hometown: Germany Current Label: Three Tails Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Thomas Vocals
Daniel Vocals
Timo Guitar
Flo Guitar S
imon Bass
Torben Drums

Tiny Y Son Bio:

(Dying Scene Note: This was originally in German but we pasted it into one of those online translator things)

Back with new face For Tiny Y Son the last 12 months were the hardest at all: New one of song! New plate! And the whole with new occupation! Well two years after the debut album " Embracing Uncertainty" those works volume at present to last song for the new Longplayer. They remain faithful their line, brachiale hard core elements with the roots that volume, the Punkrock, to link. Pessimists would say that it borders on a miracle, which at all still exists to Tiny Y Son after the events of the last months: Thus the tooth of the time lived at the substance and forced equivalent two initial members to leaving the volume for vocational reasons. The time-intensive work that volume and the job were not to be agreed upon on a long-term basis simply any longer with one another. In addition still the heavy operations came of Thomas and Torben, who could not stand thereafter for months on the stage. Which would have brought many other volume to stopping, Tiny Y Son welded still more strongly together and speaks for the strong character and the passion that volume. Tiny Y Son accepted the challenges and used the last weeks to setting up itself again. The Spain route at the end of of 2008 was not only a beautiful end-of-year procedure, but above all a successful acid test for new occupation: In the future are Tiny Y Son too sixth! With Daniel participates immediately a further singer, who divides together with Thomas the Shouts and the singing. Both are already for a long time together with Between Love and Madness on the way. Flo is the new man at the guitar! You know it perhaps still of the Itzehoer Punkrockern emergency-hung. The new members bring new impulses and ideas also into the volume and provide in particular to Live for more Abwechlung and energy. All the same which stones that volume still into the way to be put - Tiny Y Son are ready!

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