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Hometown: Wollongong Current Label: Contra Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Dee Dee - Vox/Guitar
Lucko - Guitar/Backin Vox
Mez- Bass/Backin Vox
Des - Drums/Backin Vox

Topnovil Bio:

From the Wollongong punk scene, Topnovil is an authentic fourth generation Australian punk rock band. Heavily influenced by “77” Punk.

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  1. Bum City Saints (punk) to release new split album with Topnovil (punk) - PUNX.UK7/25/2017 11:19 PM | Permalink

    […] Franciscans Bum City Saints are set to release a new split album with Topnovil. The album is due out July 28th via Pirates Press Records and Contra […]

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