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True Liberty

True Liberty
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Mike Liberty: Vocals / Guitar
Aaron Liberty: Drums / Vocals
Allen Liberty: Bass / Vocals

True Liberty Bio:

True Liberty formed in 2005 in Richmond Virginia. After years of playing in punk bands in New England running from God, Aaron “Liberty” Wells put out the call in Richmond for other Christians to sign up for this new band. The ad read “need Christian punks to form a band”. God connected Aaron to founding members Mike “Liberty “ Collawn and Tom “Liberty “ Schoppe. The three spent the first few months figuring out just what it would mean to play as Christians in a punk band. True Liberty recorded a few demo cd’s and gave them out at local shows and started trying to figure this new adventure out.

Aaron recalls, “At the first show we ever played, Mike and Tom looked at me in a panic, ‘Dude, this is so weird. “I don’t think we’ve ever played a show sober!”

In 2006 Tom contacted Raging Storm Records. In 2007 the first record “This is War” was released. That summer the band did some touring through the Midwest and made their first appearance at Cornerstone Festival.

In 2007 Tom had to leave the band, but God was faithful and brought Tim “Liberty” Perkins to the band to take the spot on bass. Tim’s love for Christ and for the music charged the band, strengthened and encouraged Mike and Aaron. In 2008 the band self-released their second record “Brotherhood”. The band took to the road and brought along a metal band called “To Laodicea”.

In 2009 Andrew Godfrey, who worked on the first two records with True Liberty as recording engineer and assistant producer, joined the band on bass. In 2009 True Liberty went out on the “Brotherhood” tour and took the band “The Meek Estate”. They worked with Broken Fan Media and made a video for the new song “Take it Back” a song dealing with suicide and calling Christians to encourage and love those around them.

2009 was a trying year. Many personal, financial and other struggles attacked the band. But God is faithful and His church is supportive. The band survived and pressed on.

In 2010 original bassist Tom again worked with the band and they recorded the latest album “City of The One”. Now working with Wounded Records, True Liberty is stronger than ever and ready to take on whatever lies ahead.

“We’re not prefect”, said Aaron and Mike, “we’ve made mistakes but we have a responsibility to share our faith, our love, our passion for our Savior, Jesus Christ with those around us. We press on despite struggles and attacks. We don’t get any fame, or money, or awards for what we do. But to us it’s about playing the music we love and using it to share Jesus with others.”


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