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The Trusty Snakes

The Trusty Snakes
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Band Members: 5 members of the Taxpayers.

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It was long ago when this all began, when the world first came into view. Not with a bang, but a sad little whimper. A pathetic mewl that echoed out into the vast void of space.

From there it grew. Beautiful valleys and forests, resplendent with flowers and foliage, mountains with ice and rock, rivers with fat shimmering fish, deserts with endless sands, bottomless oceans.

Wind, rain, sunshine, fog. Sun down, sun up.

And then, as if from thin air, came humanity.

It struggled at first. Picked off by disease, beast, each other. Eventually, after centuries of struggle, it began to flourish.

At its pinnacle it boasted societies by the thousand: democracies, dictatorships, and everything in between. From them burst forth factories, operas, cities, stories.

But as with all things, inevitably, came the fall.

Humanity faltered. Monsters rose among them, snuffing out hope and stringing up rebellions. With the remaining masses huddled, all seemed lost.


Until one unremarkable morning, when it appeared:

A small clutch of snake eggs.

As the Trusty Snakes grew, so did their powers. Powers bestowed upon them by their noble ancestors - Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson. Powers of sadness and grief, but also of love, life, and hope.

The powers of Song.

From the first notes plucked, cracks began to appear in the towers. And as the snare drum rang out, the people awoke.

It was in them all along, they realized: they would become the architects of their own salvation.

All they had to do was reach out and grab it.

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