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TV Freaks

TV Freaks
Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario Current Label: Hosehead Records Websites: Official Website
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  1. TV Freaks (garage punk) stream new EP “Leeches”6/25/2014 6:35 PM | Permalink

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  2. TV Freaks stream new album “TV Freaks”11/16/2015 7:02 PM | Permalink

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  3. ismaelhale
    ismaelhale1/6/2016 3:14 AM | Permalink

    love your work

  4. TV Freaks stream new “D.Y.O.T./THE PITS” 7-inch (Garage Punk)3/13/2016 12:27 PM | Permalink

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  5. NadineAllen3/17/2016 4:31 AM | Permalink


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