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Underclass UK

Underclass UK
Hometown: London Borough of Barking & Dagenham Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Stuart Newman - Vocals & Guitars,
Clem Pavey - Bass & Vocals,
Andrew Price - Lead Guitar & Vocals,
Dave - Drums & Vocals.

Underclass UK Bio:

Underclass UK have that sort of street-level DIY pedigree that boasts of credibility tempered with years - decades even - of hard luck.

Formed in the early '80s by a group of teenagers, frontman Stuart Newman began the project by cranking through covers of '80s punk and hard rock, before recruiting guitarist Andy Price.

The pair wrote much of the band's debut album, Gratuitous and prepared to start playing out, until drug charges landed Price in prison for a few years. By the time he was released, that was the end of it all.

Except it wasn't. Not for Newman…

A few decades later found Stuart working as an audio engineer, having produced videos for street punk mainstays like the Exploited and Cockney Rejects, as well as writing the ‘Control!’ Street Punk Fanzine. Here was the type of guy who had come up in punk and never left the scene, with a story under his belt about how he "sort of" had a band. And so, 30 years after those initial chats about starting a band had taken place, Newman went back into the studio to put that Gratuitous album to rest.

This wasn’t where it ended as Newman then found himself playing the music live opening for the UK Subs in London. From there, Underclass UK recorded the track "World Class Tears (of a Nation)," and at that point they were pretty much an unstoppable juggernaut. In relative terms anyway.

In 2012 they released their second album ‘Kill The Poor’.
This release was a mere three years after ‘Gratuitous’ and as the first album took decades to come to fruition, we're talking about a band that's now reaching lightening speed!

Like the hard luck that plagued them initially, the arrival of ‘Kill The Poor’ wasn't without setbacks. Just three weeks from its release, the band's Facebook Page was shut down, after the album was miscategorised as being "likely to incite hatred and/or violence". So history aside, who are Underclass UK?

They play serious street punk that shows off their roots in the '80s scene. Comparisons to bands Exploited or Cockney Rejects are not without warrant, as there is an inherent rawness to what they're doing. It's explicit and honest.

A new, but brief, line up saw Andy Brown come in on drums, with Clem Pavey joining on bass. This line up played one show at BH2, London supporting 999 before original drummer, Quinn, came back into the fold due to time constraints on Andy’s part. A support slot was secured for Argy Bargy’s first show of 2013 at South London’s New Cross Inn and it was with this line up that ‘Live & Loud’ was recorded. A short series of dates in and around London was booked for the Summer.

Amazingly 20 years later, Andy Price rejoined the band, also joining Newman in long term Recorvery. Ironically Quinn quit just after but not before recording the lions share of a new album for 2014 release.... The final date, opening for Infa Riot and The Warriors was sadly pulled.

All Underclass UK audio releases are available for FREE download via the Nimbit store on their Facebook page (also FREE via Reverbnation and Spotify).

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