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Unwelcome Guests

Unwelcome Guests
Hometown: Buffalo, New York Current Label: Kiss of Death Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Micah Winship- rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Stephen Schmitt- lead guitar
Chris Oakes- bass
Zac Ausman- drums

Unwelcome Guests Bio:

We couldn't find a bio for these guys but these reviews will give you an idea:

"Mixing the raw energy and heartfelt lyrics in the vein of Husker Du and catchy vocal melodies that are akin to those found on a Springsteen album, The Unwelcome Guests rock through four songs leaving the listeners begging for more." -W.K. Reviews, the Painter EP "I'm not sure if the Unwelcome Guests (from Buffalo)would strictly be considered punk, but they're fuckin' great anyway." -MRR Review of Orphan Choir Split "Unwelcome Guests who play in more of a college rock circa the '80s kinda way. A bit more sloppy rock'n'roll punk in the 'Mats tradition. Cool stuff." -Chaz's Bull City Records "Unwelcome Guests reminds me of hanging out in Little Rock, Arkansas in the mid-90s. They manage to mix together all the styles of the bands I remember from there, from the poppy drunken sing-along style, to the slow heartbreak songs, to the country tinged mid-paced rockers. The songs are sung with heartfelt conviction, and the vocals are buried which adds mystery." -Erin from MRR in regards to Home Recordings Vol. 2 "The Unwelcome Guests are a breath of fresh air. Their style is vastly different from mainstream punk rock. There is a little something for everyone in their music. Their live shows are electric and many people can be caught singing and dancing to their catchy lyrics and their eclectic sound." -Rufus "Micah Winship writes tunes that sound like Johnny Cashs Cadillac plowing into The Clash. The 23-year-old fronts Unwelcome Guests with a voice stained by Jim Beam and cheap cigs." -Matt Wake, Editor of Bootleg Essential Culture


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