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Utter Failure

Utter Failure
Hometown: San Jose, California Current Label: Say-10 Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Branch Benson - Bass, Nathan Jones - Drums, Rob Fraser - Guitar, Dave Fraser - Vocals

Utter Failure Bio:

If you had a salad with Minor Threat, Asta Kask, and The Misfits it might taste like Utter Failure. Dave writes the songs and says he likes to listen to doo-wop and classical. Hmmmm....


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  2. dmvcub
    dmvcub7/10/2013 6:40 PM | Permalink

    I feel like I stepped back in time when pop punk still had backbone. The days of the queers, screeching weasel and cringer. Great stuff.

  3. Full Album Stream: Utter Failure (punk) – “Eroding Forces”10/8/2013 5:30 PM | Permalink

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  4. julienmartel
    JulienMartel10/4/2016 3:32 AM | Permalink

    good job.

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