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Valve Drive

Valve Drive
Hometown: Tokyo Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Daisuke Ihorihara - Vocals/Guitar,
Natsuhiko Saeki - Bass/BGV,
Tatsuya Kawaguchi - Drums,

Valve Drive Bio:

Valve Drive is 3piece Melodic Pop Punk.Lots of energy.Lots of fun.

We started at the studio in Reitaku Univ,Chiba and copied songs of MXPX,Value Pac,face to face and Game Face in 1997.
after bench warming,we played many shows at venues in tokyo and organized own show called Thirsty Moon River Show at On Air Studio,Shinjuku.

In 2001,we've supported tour of The Ataris,Useless ID,MI6,Misshing 23rd,Mr Zippy and Antifreeze.Daisuke Started own label named Grand Star Recording Company this year and released 3 way split "Thirsty Moon River Show"include Valve Drive,The Circumstance,Attractive Red Shoes.

In 2003,toured with The Ataris again and supported Autopilot Off,Jackson United,Glasseater,Friday Star.we got an offer to join Compilation CD "This Is Your Esntablishment" from Establishment Clothing,'s include tracks of Yellowcard,Autipilot Off,Rufio,Good Riddance.

In 2005,we played with MXPX twice and booked to 10th Anniversary show of Kemuri,Japanese Ska Punk Band and played with Chixdiggit from Fat Wreck Chords.1st single "Beat My Guest" was released on dec.

In 2006, finally released 1st album "Choronicle".we toued very short tour for this release:>

In 2007,we still have a lot funs! and recorded new 3 songs for split cd with First To Leave

In 2008,we toured with Kris Roe from the ataris.just 2 shows in osaka and tokyo but it was really great time for us. played with Short On Time (Belgium,Bells On Records) in aug. finally,split cd "sometimes,walnut creek" was released in dec.

In 2009,we had good times with a lot bands.nothing new,same old story.

In 2010,we played with Jeff Caudill(ex-GAMEFACE).

In 2011,we played with Tumbledown(Mike from MXPX).

In 2012,we've released 7inch split with Hopewrecker(USA),Lili Champ(Chile) and Colin Farrell(Italy).

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