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Vanilla Pod

Vanilla Pod
Hometown: Kings Lynn, UK Current Label: TNS Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Rob from Vanilla Pod - Vocals
Steve Pitcher - Guitar, backing vox
Matt Clarke - Bass, backing vox
Leon Muncaster - Guitar and tamborine
Robin Tow - Drums
Wesley Wasley - Bass,backing vox *2

Vanilla Pod Bio:

Vanilla Pod were originally formed in February 1995 in King's Lynn, Norfolk with original vocalist Paul Davis. Having recorded their initial demo, Paul left the band to be replaced by then-15 year old Rob Bunting. A short while later - with the new line-up - the band released their début single Rebound on local record label Off-Shoot.
Shortly thereafter, the band was signed to Corby-based label Them's Good and released their début album Trigger in 1997 as well as partaking in a full tour of the UK.
The band returned to the studio in 1998 to record their second full-length Faster Disco, also released on Them's Good as well as undertaking more touring of the UK and Ireland.
In 2000 Vanilla Pod completed a four-week tour of Australia and Hong Kong. Also in this year, original bassist Steve Campion left the band, to be replaced by Leon Muncaster who was with the band in time to record third full-length Third Time Lucky in 2001, which was released on UK punk rock label Deck Cheese, and was the label's first non-compilation release.
In May 2001 the band released Dead End Town, from Third Time Lucky, as a single which garnered some radio airplay on BBC Radio 1 amongst other stations. During this time, Vanilla Pod played gigs alongside bands such as Less Than Jake.
Deciding to become a five-piece, Steve Campion temporarily rejoined the band (with current bassist Leon moving over to second guitar) before ultimately being replaced by Tom Wicks.
October 2002 saw the band complete a full UK tour alongside Capdown and Twofold.
Early 2003 saw Tom Wicks leave the band to be replaced by Goober Patrol and Toy Dolls bassist Tom Blyth, who joined the band. Later in the year the band - and their new bassist and five-person line-up - recorded their fourth full-length Surrounded By Idiots which would come out that year on Deck Cheese and later released on Pyropit records in Japan. Drummer Gary Colman too decided to leave the band, to be replaced by John Waterfield who has remained with the band since. Soon after this new addition, they went off on a European tour supporting MU330.
In 2008 Vanilla Pod, alongside many other bands, contributed two newly recorded tracks to a charity compilation CD called Gangsta's Corner. These would be the first Vanilla Pod recordings since 2003. Later that year, Vanilla Pod line-up returned, yet again, to the studio to record their fifth full-length album - entitled Poets on Payday - which would see release in October 2009 on Boss Tuneage.
At the end of 2010 Tom decided to leave the band unfortuanatley due to moving out of the country.
He was replaced by long standing friend Matt Clarke.
The Pod have had a new recent addition of one of their oldest friends and great drummer Robin Tow from One Car Pile Up who joined their ranks due to John Waterfield deciding to call it a day.
This has been a great addition to Vanilla Pod and has given them and their songs a new lease of life and felling very strong a positive about the future.
At the moment and Vanilla Pod are playing as much as they want to and still enjoying the ride. They are writing now for their 6th full length album and plan to return overseas to Europe to tour again later in the year.


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