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Victory In Numbers

Victory In Numbers
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Current Label: Trustkill Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Nick Passio - Vocals/Bass
Brian Hannon - Guitar/Vocals
Bruce Wiegner - Guitar/Vocals
Joe Altomari - Drums

Victory In Numbers Bio:

When things get tough, we turn to our friends and family. We look to them for strength and inspiration to find a way to get through the dark days. The members of Victory In Numbers are no strangers in finding a way to overcome adversity.

Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, the band then known as Blue Collar consisted of five members who knew each other since their childhood. As the band began to grow and mature, tragedy suddenly struck in November 2004 when the band received devastating news that a core member, vocalist Vincent Green, was killed in a car accident. Not only was Green the lead vocalist, he was a brother and best friend to everyone in the band. In the following months the band mourned the loss of their fallen friend and decided that they had to stay together. "Vincent would be so mad if we didn't keep going," guitarist Brian Hannon said. "His passing inspired the band and showed us that music is not a distraction from life, but the reason we exist."

The band stuck together and became stronger while at their lowest point as Green's passing became a catalyst for the band's evolution. Now a four piece, the band which includes Nick Passio (vocals/bass) Brian Hannon ( guitars ), Bruce Wiegner (guitars) and Joe Altomari (drums) have changed their name to Victory In Numbers. The name is not only a fitting way to find strength in hard times but an homage to their fallen friend. When shortened Victory In Numbers spells out VIN, an ode to their friend and brother who is with the band every day to help inspire their music and drive to succeed.

VIN has since shared the stage with some of the best bands around today, including Fall Out Boy, Emery, Sugarcult, Breaking Benjamin, Every Avenue, and more. Heading in to the studio for their first time as VIN the guys recorded their debut album with producer Scott Stallone who has worked with everyone from Jedi Mind Tricks to Britney Spears. Also a few tracks were executive produced by Matt Carter from Emery.

Victory In Numbers will continue to work hard in memory of their fallen friend and have never faltered in their mission to create, perform, and amaze crowds. Be on the lookout as Victory In Numbers take their next step towards taking over the world when they release 'Killing. Mourning. Love.' in Spring 2010 on Trustkill Records.


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