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Hometown: GAINESVILLE, Florida Current Label: No Idea Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Dave Papa Radon - Guitars, Vocals
Brent Crude - Guitars, Vocals
Bill Clower - Drums
Mike Collins - Bass

Radon Bio:

Gainesville's legendary Radon reunited in 2005 to play THE FEST 4, selling out Common Grounds with a line around the block... Pretty crazy! We twisted their arms, flew them in, and forced them to play all the songs we know and love. It was nuts. They had such a good time that they played again in June 2006 (for Bill's 35th birthday celebration). Unbeknownst to the world at large, Dave and Brent had been exchanging tapes for the last year... armed with a box full of chords and lyrics, they borrowed amps, an entire drumset, and set to work! Without further ado... ladies and gentlemen... prepare yourselves for METRIC BUTTLOADS OF ROCK! -- "Metric Buttoads..." contains 11 songs, all of which are new. No old songs. No re-recorded archival footage. All-new, buttery, 2006 rock y roll, deep fried and ready to drive!!


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